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 Four Strong Winds de Teenage Fanclub

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# For the latest collection of Teenage Fanclub chords, go to # http://www.uark.edu/~cbray/tfc/ # # If you have any corrections or additions to this file, please email them # to cbray@comp.uark.edu # "Four Strong Winds" (I. Tyson) (As performed by Teenage Fanclub on the "Hang On" CD single) D5: xx0235 {Chorus}: G G Am Four strong winds that blow lonely D G Seven seas that run high G Am D Dsus4 D5 D Dsus2 D All those things that don't change come what may G Am But our good times are all gone D G And I'm bound for moving on C Am D D I'll look for you if I'm ever back this way G Am D G And If I get home before the snow flies, And if things are looking good G Am D Dsus4 D5 D Dsus2 D You could meet me if I sent you down the fare G Am Still I wish you'd change your mind D G If I ask you one more time C Am D Dsus4 D5 D Dsus2 D But we've been through that a hundred times before {Chorus} {Chorus} [Whistle solo] {Chorus}