Ten Years After


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 Love Like A Man de Ten Years After

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Love Like A Man - Ten Years After sur Guitariff.net
From martinjoanadam@hotmail.com Sun May 4 10:26:10 1997 Song - Love Like a Man Album - Cricklewood Green 1970 Group - Ten Years After Composer - Alvin Lee |----------------| = 1 bar in 4/4 time One of Alvin's classic riffs Riff 1 E e---|----------------|----------------| B---|----------------|----------------| G---|----------------|----------------| D---|----------------|--5-------------| A---|--5-6-7---5---5-|----7-----------| E---|7-----------7---|7--(0)----------| repeat riff X 4 You rolly poly All over town But you come on back to me When things are down Chorus Riff 3/4 D A E 4/4 time e---|------------|----------------| B---|7-----------|----------------| G---|7-----7-----|----------------| D---|7-----7-----|2---------------| A---|5-----7-----|2---------------| E---|------5-----|0---------------| Love Like a Man Love all you can Verse 2 Your satisfaction is growing less If you come on back to me Use my address and let you Chorus Verse 3 You are the woman You can't deny e---|----------------|----------------| B---|----------------|----------------| G---|----------------|--5-------------| D---|--5-6-7---5---5-|----7-----------| A---|7-----------7---|7--(0)----------| E---|----------------|----------------| You look so good to me, girl You make me high B A e---|--------rest----|---------rest---| B---|----------------|----------------| G---|88888-----------|66666-----------| D---|99999-----------|77777-----------| A---|99999-----------|77777-----------| E---|77777-----------|55555-----------| E e---|----------------|----------------|----------------| B---|----------------|----------------|----------------| G---|9--7------------|----------------|----------------| D---|------9--5------|9--7--5---------|------------5---| A---|------------7-5-|------------5-6-|7---5---5-----7-| E---|----------------|----------7-----|------7---7--(0)| Riff 1 then solo Verse 4 I'll tell you something I think you know When you flash those eyes at me All systems go Chorus and fade --------------------------------------------------------- Get Your *Web-Based* Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com ---------------------------------------------------------