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 Summer Sun de Texas

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Summer Sun - Texas sur Guitariff.net
Texas - Summer Sun Transcribed by Andreas Krugel Intro e-9-----9-------9-------9-------9 B--10------10------10------10---- G----10------10------10------10-- D-------------------------------- A-------------------------------- E-------------------------------- Fm(8.B), A#m, D#, C, Fm(8.B) (Verse 1) Fm(8.B) I'm tired of tellin' the story, Fm(8.B) I'm tired of tellin' your way. D# Yea I know what I saw, Fm(8.B) I know that I found the floor (Bridge) G#5 Before you take my heart C#5 reconsider. G#5 Before you take my heart A#5 reconsider. C#5 I've open the door, D#5 I've open the door. (Chorus) Fm(8.B) Here comes the summer sun A#m Here burns my skin D# I ache again, C Fm(8.B) I'm over you (Verse 2) I thought I had a dream to hold Maybe that has gone.. Your hands reach out and touch me still The this feels so wrong. Goto Bridge + Chorus (Chorus II) Fm(8.B) Here comes the winter's rain A#m to clense my skin D# I ache again C Fm(8.B) I'm over you Solo (Play 2 Times) e8888888866666666 B8888888866666666 G---------------- D---------------- A---------------- E---------------- Goto Bridge + Chorus Chorus II Chorus + Chorus II until fade