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Group: Three Days Album: Oh My Gatos Song: Dirt Info: Copyright 1997 Midwest Records Tabbed by: Michael Pennington ( Here's another song from one of the best local bands in D/FW. E-mail me if you have any corrections, comments, or just want to say hi! There are only three different guitar parts to this song: Riff A e------------------------------- B----5----5---5----5---5-7^8---- G------------------------------- D-44---44---4---44---44---------- A-44---44---4---44---44---------- E-22---22---2---22---22---------- Riff B e-------------------------------- B-------------------------------- G-------------------------------- D--999-99999-9-4-666-666666------ A--999-99999-9-4-666-666666------ E--777-77777-7-2-444-444444------ Riff C e------------------------ B------------------------ G------------------------ D--44--44---44--44-5----- A--44--44---44--44-5----- E--22--22---22--22-3----- Here are the lyrics: Riff A Praise to the Lord, my Lord my God We give praise to the Lord, my Lord my God Riff B 'Cause you are the one for me Riff A You died for me, my sin You set free Riff B 'Cause You are the one for me (No guitar) And I praise You 'Cause you are my God You created me My sin you set free While dying on a tree Riff C G I come to You I come to you, to you, to you Riff A I come to You my Lord my God I come to You in Heaven above Riff B 'Cause You are the one for me And I praise You That should be about it. The song ends on a F# power chord if I remember correctly. Hope ya like it.