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 Walk On The Ocean de Toad The Wet Sprocket

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Walk On The Ocean - Toad The Wet Sprocket sur
Walk on the Ocean by Toad the Wet Sprocket (off the FEAR album) contributed by Ryan Houlette This is just how I play it. On the CD, the whole song is capoed up to the fourth fret. Listen to the recording to get the rhythm. [verse1] G C G C G --> (you can walk the bass note up We spotted the ocean at the head of the trail from E to G here, or not) C G C G A ---> (hammer on the second string of the A where are we going, so far away? from the 2nd fret to the 3rd fret) A G C G C G --> (again, walk the bass up) Now somebody told me that this is the place C G C G A --> (do that A hammer-on again-- Where everything's better, and everything's safe in fact, do it for every A) [chorus] A G D A Walk on the ocean Step on the stones A G D A Flesh becomes water Wood becomes bone [verse2] A G C G C G Half an hour later we packed up our things C G C G A Said we'd send letters, and all of those little things A G C G C G And they knew we were lying, but they smiled just the same C G C G A It seemed they'd already forgotten we came [chorus] same as above [bridge] just play the chords to the chorus over four times (I think) [verse3] A G C G C G Back at the homestead, where the air makes you choke C G C G A And people don't know you and trust is a joke A G C G C G We don't even have pictures, just memories to hold C G C G A That grow sweeter each season as we slowly grow old In 3fmc5n$> (pirani) writes: I would appreciate it if someone could post the chords to "Walk on the Ocean" by toad the wet sprocket. First off, capo on 4th fret. Thus all the 4's below are like open strings. The chords used throughout the song are: ---(7)-------(4)------------------(4)---------6---- ----7---------7----------6---------7----------7---- ----4---------4----------6---------4----------6---- ----4---------6----------6---------6----------4---- ----6---------7----------4---------6----------4---- ----7------------------------------4----------6---- B E Db Abm F# The parentheses signify notes that only get played occasionally. For the F#, the 6 on the low E string may or may not be played, but it's a nice way to follow the bass line. You'll probably want to use your thumb for that note. The verse goes: | B E | B Db | Abm E | B Db | B E | B F# | Db | Db :| The chorus goes: | Abm F# | B | F# | Db | Abm F# | B | F# | Db || In the measures with Abm and F#, the F# is only played on the last beat, serving as a passing chord to the B (now you can see why the bass line is important -- here it goes Ab Bb B, kinda cool) The chorus and solo have the same chords. The final verse has the same chords and the other verses except the measure | Abm E | becomes | Abm F# |. That's pretty much the whole song. All other Toad requests are welcome, either by emailing or posting, cause Toad kicks butt. Later, Dave Shapiro