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 Hold On To de Tom Paxton

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Hold On To Me Babe by Tom Paxton from "Ain't That News" .................. ..................................... C F C As my achin' head keeps begging, for a sleep that will not come C G[7] I rise and walk the morning streets again C F C I keep wond'rin how you're doin', and I wonder where you are G C And I know I'll be all right but I don't know when C F C G CH: Hold on to me babe, wherever you may be C F C G C Hold on to me babe, I'm with you always There was something locked inside you, like a secret burning pain In a prison where you would not let me go I was sure we'd find the answer, 'till I woke and found you gone Now just what it was I guess I'll never know CH: I keep holding on to something, though I don't know what it is But at least I know the sound of my own name And I work as hard as ever, and I see the same old friends But there's something deep inside , that ain't the same CH: Tom repeats the 1st verse at the end RIME->203