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 Last Thing On My Mind de Tom Paxton

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Received: from by (5.65c/M1.4) with SMTP id AA26080>; Thu, 19 Aug 1993 14:59:54 -0700 Received: from by id>; Thu, 19 Aug 1993 14:41:00 -0700 Received: from by with SMTP id AA10289 (5.65c/IDA-1.4.4 for>); Thu, 19 Aug 1993 17:37:59 -0400 Received: by id AA04212 (5.65c/IDA-1.4.4 for; Thu, 19 Aug 1993 17:39:25 -0400 Message-Id:> Last Thing on My Mind by Tom Paxton 4/4 time Verse 1: |D |G |D |D It's a lesson too late for the learning, |A |A |D |D made of sand, made of sand. |D |G |D |D In the wink of an eye my soul is turning |A |A |D |D In your hand, in your hand. Refrain: |A |A |G |G Are you going away with no word of farewell, |D |D |A |A Will there be not a trace left behind? |D |G |A |F#m I could have loved you better, I didn't mean to be unkind |G |G |D That was the last thing on my mind. Verse 2: You've got reasons aplenty for going. This I know, this I know. For the weeds have been steadily growing. Please don't go, please don't go. Repeat Refrain Verse 3: As I lie here in bed in the morning without you, without you. Every song in my breast dies a borning without you, without you. Repeat Refrain twice submitted by