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 Telephone Call From Istanbul de Tom Waits

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This is the tab/chrords for the _Big Time_ version of... Telephone Call From Istanbul Tom Waits (The FWY version is either a 1/2 step up or down, i can't remember, this one is in the key of Fm) the chords: Verse Chorus Fm Bbm C Bbm7 Eb Ab Bbm* C Fm* e --x-- --6-- --x-- --6-- --x-- --x-- --9-- --8-- --8-- B --9-- --6-- --8-- --6-- --6-- --9-- -11-- --8-- --9-- G -10-- --6-- --9-- --6-- --8-- --8-- -10-- --9-- -10-- D -10-- --8-- -10-- --6-- --8-- -10-- -11-- -10-- -10-- A --8-- --8-- -10-- --x-- --8-- -11-- --x-- -10-- --8-- E --x-- --6-- --x-- --6-- --x-- --x-- --x-- --8-- --8-- T i like to play the verse chords with as many fingers as i can. (does that make any sense?) i think it allows for a more controled muting. it also sounds good to barre them. of course it also sounds goo to playy the bass part of the verses. it goes like this: Fm Bbm C Fm e|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|------------------| B|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|------------------| G|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|------------------| D|------------------|-------3-------3-|-------5-------5-|------------------| A|-------3--------3-|-1-3/4---1-3/4---|-3-5/7---3-5/7---|-------3--------3-| E|-1-3/4----1-3/4---|-----------------|-----------------|-1-3/4----1-3/4---| repeat that a couple times (words: [Fm]all night long on the broken glass [Bbm]living in a medicine chest [C]mediteromainian hotel back [Fm]sprawled across a roll top desk. etc...) the chorus is like this: [Bbm7]sell me one of those if i shave my head [Eb]get me out of town is what fire ball said [Ab]never trust a man in a blue trench coat [Ab]never drive a car when you're dead [Bm*]Saturday's a festival, Friday's a gem [C]dye your hair yellow and raise your hem [Fm*]follow me to Beulah's on dry creek road [Fm*]i just got to wear the dress that my baby done sowed for the last two Fm chords, i like to play this: (these are straight quarter notes) Fm* Fm* e|---------------------------|----------------- B|---------------------------|----------------- G|-10--10--9--9--8--8--7--7--|--6--6--5--5--4--- now solo over the verse D|-10--10--9--9--8--8--7--7--|--6--6--5--5--4--- chords: Fm, Bbm, C, Fm A|---------------------------|----------------- E|---------------------------|---------------- i guess that's about everything... have fun jamming, this is a wonderful song to improvise over. any questions,comments,corrections,flames,stories,points of view or otherwise please write: Todd Olsen and also... sorry if some of words are mixed up or spelled wrong, this all from memory. and if you've never heard the Big Time album it's worth buying for this song alone (to say nothing of Raindogs!)