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From Wed Jul 31 15:03:27 1996 I happened across your postings for this song and thought I'd send a correct version because nothing you've posted so far is "fully" correct. The beginning section, and it gets repeated many times during the song, is played like: E-----0--0--0------0----- B----5--5--5------4-4---- G---6--7--6------4---4--- Just repeat this whole section over D------------------------ and over. Remember to let the notes A------------------------ ring out. E------------------------ The verses/chorus simply repeat the following chords over and over: F#min D A B Bridge #1: E D A B Jenny, I got your number E A D I need to make you mine E D A B Jenny, don't change your number Bridge #2: C#min E F#min I got it, I got it A B I got your number on the wall C#min E I got it, I got it F#min A B For a good time, for a good time call It's a great tune and comes off well in a live situation. Cheers, Jeff Leveroni (