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 If Not Now de Tracy Chapman

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If Not Now - Tracy Chapman sur
{title:If Not Now} {st:by Tracy Chapman} {c:capo barred at the second fret} {c: Riff:} Gmaj7 D F=====0===0==0===0==|0==0====0====2=====|0====0==0======0==|0==0====0===0==== C#=T==1===1==1===1==|0==1====1======3===|1====1==1======1==|0==1====1=====1== A==A==2===2==2===2==|2==2====2========2=|0====0==0======0==|0==0====0=======0 E==B==3===3==3===3==|3==3====3==========|2====2==2======2==|2==2====2======== B===================|===================|3====3==3======3==|3==3====3======== F===================|===================|==================|================= If not now then when If not today then [C]Why make your [Am]promises [G]A love declared for days to [Em]come (133211)Is as good as none You can wait 'til morning comes You can wait for the new day You can wait and lose this heart You can wait and soon be sorry Now love's the only thing that's free We must take it where it's found Pretty soon it may be costly If not now what then We all must live out lives Always feeling Always thinking The moment has arrived