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 Another Midnight de Tragically Hip

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Another Midnight - Tragically Hip sur
From UP TO HERE, 1989 Tabbed by: Rod Nolan> and Duncan Koerber> Original riff and most of the chords by Rod - I just cleaned things up and matched the chords with the words. Main "D riff" used throughout: e----3--2--0--0--0--0--2---- B----3--3--3--3--3--3--3---- G----2--2--2--0--0--0--2---- D----0--0--0-----2--2------- A----------------3--3------- E--------------------------- Intro: D riff x 4 D riff D CaddD D He was a coal miner in the spring, blinded with its dusty resolutions CaddD D A G broke his back for higher contributions, now he'd take anything CaddD D CaddD D we'll she was nineteen-seventy, burning like a cigarette long season CaddD D A G Heir to all her family's old treasons, she makes love hard like an enemy D Oh ma he's dying CHORUS: CaddD D CaddD D And the river don't sleep, when the water runs cold CaddD D CaddD D and the calender burns, as the story unfolds CaddD D CaddD D and the valley spans miles, when the mountain stands high CaddD G CaddD A can't they let us run wild for another midnight Perhaps we're an election day, pumping hands and kissing the babies ain't no time for shadowed doubts or maybes is there another way? Or we're a stolen cadillac racing for a roadblock in the distance flashing by a lifetime in an instance can we take it back? oh ma he's dying, oh ma he's dying CHORUS CHORDS: A - x02220 CaddD - x32030 D - xx0232 G - 320030 Duncan Rod