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 White Punks On Dope de Tubes

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White Punks On Dope - Tubes sur
Group: The Tubes Song: White Punks on Dope Tabbed by: Scott Nelson This is just the basic structure of the song as best I can tell through all the synthesizer stuff. Since I don't know how to notate timing in tab, you'll need to listen to the song to get the timing down. Oh, yeah. This is all my own work, so I am sure there are some mistakes. Oh, well. I gave up attaining perfection in a previous life. Intro A A ---------------- ---------------- ----2-------2--- 2x's ----2-------2--- ----0---0---0--- ---------------- A A ------------------------ ------------------------ --2--2------------------ 5x's --2--2-----2--5--2--4--2 --0--0--4-------------- ------------------------   F F F F D D D D C C C C ----1----1----1----1----5----5----5----5----3----3----3----3---- ----1----1----1----1----7----7----7----7----5----5----5----5---- ----2----2----2----2----7----7----7----7----5----5----5----5---- ----3----3----3----3----7----7----7----7----5----5----5----5---- ----3----3----3----3----5----5----5----5----3----3----3----3---- ----1----1----1----1-------------------------------------------- E E E E A ----------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------2-- --------------------------------------------------2-- --2--2--------------------2--2--------------------2-- --2--2-----2--5--2--4--2--2--2-----2--5--2--4--2--0-- --0--0--4-----------------0--0--4-------------------- A A A C C C E E E G D ------------------------------------ ------------------------------8----- ---2--2--2--5--5--5--9--9--9--7--7-- ---2--2--2--5--5--5--9--9--9--5--7-- ---0--0--0--3--3--3--7--7--7-----5-- ------------------------------------ D D# F D# D "Teenage had a race for the night time" "Spent ..." "Wasted..." "Getting loose..." Then the intro part repeats from the 5x's with:   "We're White Punks on Dope” ETC   That's basically it! Listen to the song and you can easily get the rest.