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 For All The Right Reasons de Twitty Conway

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For All The Right Reasons - Twitty Conway sur
m: For All the Right Reasons Performed By: Conway Twitty Written By: Billy Ray Reynolds And Marie Barrett Hartford Album: Rest Your Love On Me/A Bridge That Just Won't Burn Transcribed By: Kenneth Wilber ( G When warm feelings C G Bring us so close together C For all the right Reasons G I love you G When You're as close C G As a heartbeat that's when I'm strongest C For all the right reasons G I love you Bridge: D Lay down here beside me, C D G I'll cover you and keep you warm D Hold me close and let me love you C D G You know where you belong Instrumental solo using verse chords (play through the 1st two verses in a solo) Repeat Bridge: Repeat 1st two verses G C For all the right reasons, G Girl I love you Send any requests for Conway Twitty or Merle Haggard Songs to