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 Heartland de U2

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Heartland - U2 sur Guitariff.net
Here is Heartland by U2. Intro: Dm Cno3/D Dm Dm Cno3/D Dm See the sun rise over her skin Cno3/D Dm Don't change it Cno3/D Dm See the sun rise over her skin Cno3/D Bb/F C Dawn changes everything, everything Bb F C Csus4 C And the dealta sun burns bright and violent Dm Cno3/D Dm Mississippi and the cotton wool heat, Cno3/D Dm Sixty-six the highway speaks Cno3/D Bb/F C Of deserts dry, of cool green valleys Bb F C Csus4 C (Play to Chorus) Gold and silver veins - shining cities Chorus: Gm7 Bb In this heartland F In this heartland Gm7 Bb In this heartland F Heaven knows this is a heartland Dm Cno3/D Dm Cno3/D See the sun rise over her skin Dm Cno3/D Dm Cno3/D She feels like water in my hand Dm Cno3/D Dm freeway like a river cuts through this land Bb/F C Csus4 Into the side of love like a burning spear C Bb/F C Csus4 And the poison rain brings a flood of fear C Bb/F C Csus4 Through the ghostranch hills, Death Valley waters C Bb/F C Csus4 C In the towers of steel, belief goes on and on Chorus Now just adlib from here on (play around with the intro chords too :-) ) until the end. Chords: --------------- C x32010 Cno3/D xx0013 Bb/F xx3331 Dm xx0231 F xx3211 Bb xx3331 Csus4 xx3313 Gm7 xx3333