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 One de U2

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One - U2 sur Guitariff.net
From uunet!decwrl!stanford.edu!rock!concert!borg!axon!brandt Wed Aug 12 18:43:25 PDT 1992 Article: 1511 of alt.guitar.tab Path: nevada.edu!uunet!decwrl!stanford.edu!rock!concert!borg!axon!brandt Newsgroups: alt.guitar.tab Keywords: chord, u2, one, changed Message-ID: 14451@borg.cs.unc.edu> Sender: news@cs.unc.edu Lines: 138 I ftp'd the "One" from nevada.edu a few days/weeks ago and it didn't sound right. Well, I made a slight modification to the rythm and moreover put it in Chord Pro format. I think there is a new version on nevada.edu but have not checked. If you use the font sizes in the file spec (commented out now because `chord' only accepted them from the command line, not from in the file...weird) it prints nicely on one sheet, with the solo on the second sheet. I only modified the original, I forget the author of that but he deserves the credit for the good ear. Here it is: -================= cut here ===============- {define:G 3 -1 1 2 3 -1 -1} {title:One} {st:U2} #{textfont:Courier} #{textsize: 19} #{chordfont:Courier-Oblique} #{chordsize: 16} [Am]Is it getting [Dsus2]better [Fmaj7]Or do you feel the [G]same [Am]Will it make it [Dsus2]easier on you [Fmaj7]Now you got someone to [G]blame You say [C]One love [Am]One life [Fmaj7]When it's one need [C]In the night It's [C]one love [Am]We get to share it [Fmaj7]It leaves you baby If you [C]don't care for it [Am] [Dsus2] [Fmaj7] [G] #(Rest of song continues the same way until otherwise written) # [Am]Did I disap[Dsus2]point you [Fmaj7]Or leave a bad taste in your [G]mouth [Am]You act like you never [Dsus2]had love [Fmaj7]And you want me to go with[G]out Well it's [C]too late [Am]Tonight [Fmaj7]To drag the past out In[C]to the light [C]We're one But we're [Am]not the same We get to [Fmaj7]carry each other [C]Carry each other One [C] [Am] [Fmaj7] [C] [Am]Have you come here for for[Dsus2]giveness [Fmaj7]Have you come to raise the [G]dead [Am]Have you come here to play [Dsus2]Jesus [Fmaj7]To the lepers in your [G]head Did I [C]ask too much [Am]More than a lot [Fmaj7]You gave me nothing Now it's [C]all I got We're [C]one But we're [Am]not the same We [Fmaj7]hurt each other Then we [C]do it again You say [C]Love is a temple [Am]Love a higher law [C]Love is a temple [Am]Love the higher law [C]You ask me to enter [G]But then you make me crawl And I can't be holding [Fmaj7]on #[Fmaj7] To what you got When all you got is [C]hurt [C]One love [Am]One blood [Fmaj7]One life [C]You got to do what you should #(Rest of song continues as verse above) # [C]One life [Am]With each other [Fmaj7]Sisters [C]Brothers [C]One life [Am]But we're not the same [Fmaj7]We get to carry each other [C]Carry each other One One. # end of chords {new_song} #TAB (Edge's guitar solo at end of song) {comment:Edge's guitar solo at end of song} # |-12-12-------------------|-12-12-13-13-12-------| |-------15-15-13-13-15----|----------------15-13-| |-------------------------|----------------------| |-------------------------|----------------------| |-------------------------|----------------------| |-------------------------|----------------------| (repeat measure 3 times) # # CHORD FORMATIONS: # C x 3 2 0 1 x # Am x x 2 2 1 x # Dsus2 x x x 2 3 x # Fmaj7 x x 3 2 1 x # G x x 5 4 3 x # # The #'s above indicate frets, x's mean muted string, 0's mean open string. # -================= end cut ===============- Andy -- _______ | ___ | `The 7 dwarves all Andrew Brandt (brandt@cs.unc.edu) | | ? | | got into a tub and Department of Computer Science | |___| | they felt happy. Univ of No Carolina at Chapel Hill | __ | But happy got mad Springsteen Rules! q.p | | and left. Go Heels! Eagles dominate the NFL! \_/ |_____| G they felt grumpy.'