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 Passengers de U2

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Passengers - U2 sur Guitariff.net
This album really moved me. U2 has a new album out and the media didn't catch on to it... Except for this song. But that's ok. Check out the rest of the album. It's worth it. Ad lib on the chords. Play them however you want... The object is to be constant and to make your guitar resonate if you are playing an acoustic... Relax take a deep breath and if you concentrate, you can even do the Pavarotti part. Takes alot of energy though... Oh yeah, one other thing... I don't know the words... Sorry Capo on 2nd fret ( to sound like the album ) Opening Em A Em A Em Is there a time for........ A A time for ...... Em Is there a time for ..... A D A time for ......, Here she comes Hoooooo, hoooooo Em D Words, words, etc, Here she comes F#m Living away...... Em A Em A Repeat (different words) Pavarotti part (Same as rest of song. You just play with the voice) Em Icci Amore A Donde esta el tequilla etc, etc... F#m B L'amoooooooooooooooooooooooooor Em A Em A Try it out, I'll repost it with the correct words soon. Have fun Careful where you aim, 'cause where you aim you just might hit. Bono