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 When Love Comes To Town de U2

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When Love Comes To Town - U2 sur Guitariff.net
In-Reply-To: 1993Nov04.203343.21273@dcc.uchile.cl> I do this by memory, the chords are correct, maybe the placing of them is wrong, well here it is, And the lyrics are the actual of what they sing on the tape, becasue the insert on it gives you a very bogus non-true version: ************************************************************************** "When Love Comes To Town" Music by U2 Lyrics by Bono Vox Transcribed by Misha Rutman (mr6d@andrew.cmu.edu), all corrections are more than welcome!! You actually don't play the chords that are in parenthesis, if you do an acoustic version, play then all of them, but the actual guitar part played by The Edge is what you see w/o parenthesis. The rhythm guitar part is just change between A and E: just hit each chord once one after the other and let it ring until the next one like that, if you listen closely to the tape you can hear it. All music stops where I wrote "E(stop),"But The Edge has a delay going over his rhythm part and you can hear it really clear at the stops. Intro(Bono): guitar part just as in the first two lines of verse: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Verse1(Bono): (E) A E I was a sailor, I was lost in sea (E) A E I was under the waves, before loves resqued me (E) (A E) I was a fighter I could turn on threat E(stop) Now I stand accused of things I've said. Chorus(B.B.): (A) Love comes to town, A I'm gonna jump that train E When love comes to town, A E I'm gonna catch that flame. Maybe I was wrong to ever let you down, E(stop) But I did what I did before love came to town. This is the B.B.'s fill, do it twice: (* means bend it up 1/4 of a step) --------------------E ---5*--5*----3-3----B ------------------4-G --------------------D --------------------A --------------------E Verse 2(Bono): Used to make love under the red sunset, I was making promises I that were soon to forget. She was pale as the lace of her wedding gown, But I left her standing before love came to town. Verse 3(Bono): Ran into a juke joint when I heard a guitar scream, The notes were turning blue as days are a dream. As the music played I saw my life turn around That was the day before love came to town. Chorus(B.B.): The Edge solo (he picks open E chord) Play the figure 4 times (# this note plays only the first time): 0#-|-----------0-|----------E ---|--0----------|----------B ---|----1--------|----------G ---|-----2-------|----------D ---|-------2-----|----------A ---|---------0---|----------E Chorus(B.B.) over The Edge's solo part (the figure above): B.B.'s solo, sorry I do not remember it, but it is basically played around the fill he does between the first chorus and the second verse. Verse 4(B.B.), there is no guitar part over this one: I was there when they crusified my lord I held the scabbard when the soldier drew his sword I threw the dice as they pierced his side, But I've seen love conquer the great divide. Chorus(B.B.): The second solo by B.B. in the beginning of which Bono sings his famous: "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.........." And it fades as B.B. solos. Enjoy!! Benevolence and warm fuzzies! Misha. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Mikhail Rutman (Misha), * * Carnegie Mellon University, * * Computer Science/Mathematics: * * * * P.O. Box 4927 * * 5115 Margaret Morrison St. * * Pittsburgh, PA 15213 * * * * telephone#: 1-(412)-862-2482 * * * * e-mail: mr6d@andrew.cmu.edu * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *