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 Busy Bee de Ugly Kid Joe

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artist: Ugly Kid Joe title: "Busy Bee" album: America's Least Wanted key: E/c# tuning: ha ha ha... now I'm well aware that when ppl try and tab for a band who tune down their guitars, they still call the 3rd fret for example on a string tuned Eb as being G and not the note they're playing, Gb Well, as it is one of my biggest pet peeves, I've decided that I'm going to depict the note played, and you can decide on how you want to tune your instrument. Bear in mind, this song incorporates the Eb HEAVILY... so, tune down, or move up 11/12 of an octave :) intro: Everybody's alright with me (Eb) Possibly you'll disagree (Ab) (Eb) (Bb) (Ab) Busy bee watch the world go by verse: (Eb) Everybody's alright with me (Eb) Cause that's the way I choose to be (Ab) (Eb) Everybody's on my mind (Bb) Can't sit aside and watch this (Ab)world go by, that ain't me. chorus: (Eb) (Bb) (Ab) Busy bee watch the world go by (Eb) (Bb) (Ab) Busy be watch the world go by (Eb) Yeah (Bb) (Ab) second verse: Now everybody does their time Those people walk in crooked lines Everybody's got their choice But often, we don't use our voice repeat chorus bridge: (Ab)Yeah, busy bee watch the world (Bb) go by (Ab) How could you be (C) so (Ab)blind (Bb) some people they just (Ab) ain't satisfied (Eb) (Bb) (Ab) (Eb) (Bb) (Ab) repeat bridge during guitar solo third verse: I always hear the schoolbell ring Let the children dance and sing Just let us find what's been lost G many people get turned and tossed away repeat chorus second guitar solo: (Eb) (Bb) (Ab) repeat 3 times outro: (Bb)World goes (Ab)by repeat twice (Eb)Watch the (Bb)world go (Ab)by repeat 3 times well, there you go... questions, comments, feedback are well appreciated at -I'm here, I'm queer, I play 5 string bass and, yes, I am too lazy to just tune down half a step! :)