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 La Bamba de Valens Ritchie

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From Fri May 16 08:05:01 1997 I have a screwed up version of this under "traditional mexican folk songs" (I think). Could you remove that entirely (it was mine) and/or replace it with this? This is corrected. LA BAMBA ~~~~~~~~ Traditional Mexican folk song, as done by Richie Valens My English teacher taught me how to play this. Here's my transcription. One guitar plays the tab, the other plays the chords: C F G C F G |-------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------1---------------------------1-------------------| |-------0---2-----------------------0---2---------------------| |-----2---3-----------0-3-3-2-0---2---3-----------0-3-3-2-0---| |---3---------------2-----------3---------------2-------------| |---------------3-3-------------------------3-3---------------| Para bailar A Bamba Para bailar A Bamba se necessita una poca de gracia Una poca de gracia y otra cosita y arriba y arriba Ay arriba y arriba por ti sere por ti sere por ti sere Yo no soy marinero soy capitan soy capitan soy capitan Bamba la Bamba Bamba la Bamba Bamba la Bamba Bamba la Bamba Ba------------ I got the lyrics from what was already in !