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 Aint Talkin Bout Love de Van Halen

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Aint Talkin Bout Love - Van Halen sur
OK...I like the tabs that they already have for this song...but i know an easier way to play the song and it sounds even better. I tried to send this once...maybe it'll go through this time. Artist: Van Halen Song: "Aint Talkin Bout Love" Album: Van Halen I, Best of Van Halen Volume 1 Key: ~~ = Vibrato b = Bend h = Hammer on (Example: 3h4 is hit the 3 fret and hammer on to the 4 fret) p = Pull off (Example 4p3 is hit the 4 fret and pull off to the 3 fret) H = Pinch Harmonic $ = Slap your palm on all the strings to mute the volume quickly and relase your palm from the strings right after. r = Let these strings ring. / \ = slide up or down B = bend this string and hold itthere to hit it a few more times ### = pick slide on the selceted strings Ok...first off, you're gonna need a distortion pedal, and amp, and an electric guitar ( You can chose how you want the distortion to sound , but i prefere a full, rich tone--almost a heavy metal feel. But you could go with a fatter sound, whatever you prefer. Tuning: Standard. INTRO: Distortion, palm-muted. REPEAT 4 times |---------0--------3-----------------| |-----1-----1--------3---------------| |-------2-----2-0------[0]-----------| |---2--------------------------------| |-0------------------------3H~~-2-3--| |----------------------[3]-----------| ^ | You can either hit the 3 fret on the E string or the other one (its optional, chose whichever you like best...) Then.... CHORUS TYPE THINGY: Distortion. |-----$-----$-----------------| |-----$-----$-----------------| |-----$-----$-----------------| |-7-7-$-7-7-$-5r--------------| |-7-7-$-5-5-$-3r----3H~~-2-3--| |-5-5-$-5-5-$-3r--0-----------| |-----$-----$-------------------| |-----$-----$------1-1-1/3-3/5--| |-----$-----$-------------------| |-7-7-$-7-7-$-5r----------------| |-7-7-$-5-5-$-3r----------------| |-5-5-$-5-5-$-3r----------------| |-----$-----$-----------------| |-----$-----$-----------------| |-----$-----$-----------------| |-7-7-$-7-7-$-5r--------------| |-7-7-$-5-5-$-3r----3H~~-2-3--| |-5-5-$-5-5-$-3r--0-----------| |-----$-----$-------------------------------| |-----$-----$--------20B-20B-20B-20b-20-----| |-----$-----$-------------------------------| |-7-7-$-7-7-$-5r----------------------------| |-7-7-$-5-5-$-3r----------------------------| |-5-5-$-5-5-$-3r----------------------------| When you bend the string on the 20th fret, stay there and slowly come down off the bend after the second time you pluck it. VERSE: Distortion, Palm mute. REPEAT 3 times. |---------0----3r------------| |-----1-----1--3r------------| |-------2------0r------------| |---2------------------------| |-0----------------3H~~-2-3--| |----------------------------| |---------0----3r---------------| |-----1-----1--3r---------------| |-------2------0r---------------| |---2---------------------------| |-0---------------------###-----| |-----------------------###-----| CHORUS: Distortion REPEAT 4 times. |-----$-----$-----------------| |-----$-----$-----------------| |-----$-----$-----------------| |-7-7-$-7-7-$-5r--------------| |-7-7-$-5-5-$-3r----3H~~-2-3--| |-5-5-$-5-5-$-3r--0-----------| VERSE: (See above section for verse) CHORUS: Distortion REPEAT 3 times. |-----$-----$-----------------| |-----$-----$-----------------| |-----$-----$-----------------| |-7-7-$-7-7-$-5r--------------| |-7-7-$-5-5-$-3r----3H~~-2-3--| |-5-5-$-5-5-$-3r--0-----------| |-----$-----$-------19Br------| |-----$-----$-----------------| |-----$-----$-----------------| |-7-7-$-7-7-$-5r--------------| |-7-7-$-5-5-$-3r--------------| |-5-5-$-5-5-$-3r--------------| SOLO: |----------------------------------------------------------------| |------10-10-10-10h12~~-------10-12-12-12-12-12-12-13-13-12/8-5--| |-9-12-------------------9-12------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------------------------| |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| |------10-12-13/15-13-15-13-17h20-17-17h20-17-17h20-17---------------------| |-9-12--------------------------------------------------20-17h20-17~~------| |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------------------------###--| |---------------------------------------------------------------------###--| REPEAT CHORUS THINGY (found at the begining) Now this part.... Clean. REPEAT 4 times |--------1---3---------------------| |----1-----1---3-------------------| |------2---------0r----------------| |--2-------------------------------| |-0-----------------------3~~-2-3--| |-----------------------0----------| Now comes this part where he uses natural harmonics and stuff....but since im really lazy im just gonna put an alternative to that: REPEAT TWICE |---------------------------| |---------------------------| |---------------------------| |-7-7--7x-7x-7x-5-5x-5x-5x--| |-7-7--5x-5x-5x-3-3x-3x-3x--| |-5-5--5x-5x-5x-3-3x-3x-3x--| I only made it seem like you hit the power chords plam muted 3 times, but actually you do it alot more, like 13 times or so....i lowered it for simplicity's sake. Listen to the song: You'll know when to change from 7|5|5 power chord to 5|3|3 power chord. CHORUS again (the same one you do at the very begining) SOLO again CHORUS again (the normal one this time) Repeat twice. then this part: REPEAT TWICE |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |----7-7-7-7/9-----7-7-7-7\5-------| |--7-7-7-7-7/9---7-7-7-7-7\5-------| |-5--5-5-5-5/7--5--5-5-5-5\3-------| Thats practically it. I usually add alot of other licks and change the solo up on my own, but this is basic. Well, i hope you have fun. this one should be easier than the rest. Enjoy! ~~~CASEY~~~