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 Ritual Day de Velour 100

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Velour100: Songs From the Rainwater Copyright 1996 Tooth & Nail Records tabbed by Collin Derrick [ritual day] H=high power chord the whole song is played with distortion but i do not have an electric guitar so i don't know what it really sounds like. there are two parts, played simultaneously, for both the verse and the chorus. its all played in power chords except one part. Verse (for the first part of the verse all you play is the E power chord throughout the whole thing) part two HE/HGb/D HE/HGb/HA i-------- want not to wish HE/HGb/D HE/HGb/HA aaaaaaaaaaa-aaaa-aa-aa-aaa HE/HGb/D HE/HGb/HA i-------- pushed out the pain Chorus part one D A B Gb G memory bends to hear D A B Gb G longing for the truth part two E:----------------------------------------0---------0-------- B:---------3------3------3------3------3----3----3----3------ G:-------2------2------2------2------2---------2--------2---- D:-----0------0------0------0------0------------------------- A:----------------------------------------------------------- E:----------------------------------------------------------- and repeat