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 Arise de Vengeance Rising

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Author/Artist: Vengeance rising Title: Arise ( by L.Farkas/R.Martinez ) Album: Once dead Transcribed by: Oliver Alex Email: This is my absolut favorite song from Vengeance !! Let´s rock, but don´t forget to tune your guitar 1/2 step down ( each string ). The rhythm is not easy to write down, but when you are listening to the song it will flow through your blood. Keep on rocking for Jesus Christ. -|----------|----------------------|-------------|----------------|---------|- -|----------|----------------------|---------5s1-|----------------|---------|- -|----------|----------------------|-4b6-4-6-----|-2-2------------|---------|- -|-2---3--4-|-2---3--4-----------4-|-------------|-----4--2-------|-2---3--4|- -|-2---3--4-|-2---3--4-------4-----|-------------|----------2-0---|-2---3--4|- -|-0---1--2-|-0---1--2---0-0---0---|-------------|--------------2-|-0---1--2|- This is the first part. I wasn`t able to identify (play) the solo. -|--------------------------|--------------|---------|- -|--------------------------|--------------|---------|- -|--------------------------|--------------|---------|- -|---------------4--5--4--3-|--------------|-2--3--2-|- -|---4b5r--------4--5--4--3-|--------------|-2--3--2-|- -|-0------5--4-0-2--3--2--1-|--------------|-0--1--0-|- That`s the main riff. The last riff is only sliding between E And F Hagioi, apologeite peri tou pistos dia tou logou Theou. This ones for the brethren, who´ve not won one soul yet let me ask you what are you doing, with your time I speak of grace not debt. (But) think about it, what you were left here for, initiate conversions and then discipleship the hardcore. You say I´m not prepared, well what do you think your church is for. Your pastor labors weekly so that you will learn involvement. When´s the last time you spoke about this with him or an elder to help you out, that´s what they´re about (the) soul winners will shine like the stars forever, in the endless time who warn that the flood is coming, like Sacred Warrior the servants of Christ. Jesus said, make disciples, and ask yourself, have you obeyed. It´s personal evaluation time. We call the righteous, to the frontline. Saints Arise !