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Electric guitar tab for thera by Versus from "the stars are insane" lp- teenbeat #142. I don't know if the fingerings are correct, but the notes might be. If you come up with something better, or would like me to tab out more songs by this amazing band, please email: Ben Freeman- ------------------------------------------------------ THE SONG STRUCTURE: Intro - 1 - Chorus - 2 - Chorus - 3 - Outtro - Chorus You can get the idea if you listen to the song, and this tab should get you started towards semi-exact duplication.. repeated parts *do* deviate slightly. My Tuning: (Standard) E ---------------------------------- B ---------------------------------- G ---------------------------------- D ---------------------------------- A ---------------------------------- E ---------------------------------- "x" means pluck each note with an individual finger. ------------------------------------------------------ INTRO: R.B seems to be using an effect here. I use the volume knob. What do YOU use? Play this once: x x -4-2-------2-------5----- -3---3-------3-------3--- -2-------2-2-----2-2---2- -0-----0-------0--------- ------------------------- ------------------------- Then repeat this 3 times: x x -4-----2-------5----- -3-------3-------3--- -2---2-2-----2-2----- -0-0-------0-------0- --------------------- --------------------- ======== VERSES 1 and 2 Repeat in rhythm: -22222--44444--444444444444- -22222--22222--222222222222- -44444--44444--222222222222- -44444--44444--444444444444- ---------------------------- ---------------------------- 1. check the records for thera.. and find that she had swallowed the sun and begun to spit it out at everyone so mark the changing of seasons because for no particular reason she'll blow up and toss you up and down around and round the block 2. you can stop looking missy for trouble you need to finally release the buildup before she starts to lose her top so mark the changing of seasons because for no particular reason she'll get up and kiss you.. badadadadadadadadum ======== CHORUS: I use a hertuidgfdistortion dgfdfgpedald.. do YOU? -------------------5-----5-----4-----4----- ---------5---5---5---7-----7-----7-----7--- -44444-6---6---6-------6-----6-----6-----6- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- 1+2. thera ------------------------------------------- -------------------5-----5-----4-----4----- -44444-------4---4---6-----6-----6-----6--- ---------777---7-------6-----6-----6-----6- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- 1. volcano girl 2. warm up with you ======== VERSE 3: -4--4--2--2--44-44-444-444- -3--2--2--0--33-33-333-333- -2--2--2--1--22-22-222-222- -0--4--4--4--00-00-000-000- --------------------------- --------------------------- 3. so i asked her to marry me she said write it in a song as long as it doesn't take long we know she's just a girl we know she's not a volcano thera she thinks that she's god ======== OUTTRO (similiar to intro) Repeat twice: x x -4-----2-------5----- -3-------3-------3--- -2---2-2-----2-2----- -0-0-------0-------0- --------------------- --------------------- Gimme some feedback.. and you're done. "What about Sebadoh motherfucker?" - Richard Balyut