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 The Freshman Acoustic de Verve Pipe

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The Freshman Acoustic - Verve Pipe sur
Name:Blake ( Artist:The Verve Pipe Title of Song:The Freshman This is my own work. This song is played in standard tuning. =20 Intro and Verses: ----------------------------------------------- e/--------------------------------------------| B/-----------4--------7---------2-------------| G/-------6----------6-------3---------------3-| D/-----6---6------4-------3---3---------4-----| A/---4------------------1---------6---4---4---| E/-------------(2)----------------4-2---------| *The parentheses are around that chord because it is in the song but i sk= ip it because it is harder to hit that note cleanly and then play the res= t clean. Usually I skip it but if you want a challenge or are quick go f= or it. Bridge:("I can't be held responsible" part) -------------------------------- e/-----------------------------| B/-----------------------------| C that until it says "for the life of me") G/---------------------------3-| D/-------8-------6-------4-----| A/-----8---8---6---6---4---4---| E/---6-------4-------2---------| Chorus: ------------------------------------------------- e/-----------------------------------------------| B/-----------4-----------------------------------| G/-------6---------------3---------6-----------3-| D/-----6---6---------4---------8-----------4-----| A/---4---------6---4---4-----8---8---6---4---4---| E/-------------4-2---------6---------4-2---------| That's it. Any questions or comments e-mail. See ya.