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 Say It Aint So de Weezer

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Say It Aint So - Weezer sur Guitariff.net
Bass Tab Say it ain't so - Weezer Watch the tuning here, it's weird, drop d#, instead of drop d. (G, D, A, D#, high to low.) At the beginning during just the first verses: G----------------------------------------------- \ D--------3-3-5--------------------3-3-5--------- |- Repeat many times A--3-3--------------------1-3-3----------------- | until chorus D#-----4-------5-5-0--0-4-------4-------5-5-0--- / Chorus: G------------------------------------------------- D------------------------------------------------- Repeat once for A--3-3------------------1-3-3--------------------- chorus D#-----4-4--5-5--0--0-4--------4-4--5-5-0--------- Later, the bridge kicks in G----------------------------------------------------------- Repeat once D----------------------------------------------------------- throw in A--1-1--1---------------------1-1--1---8-6-5---------------- 8-6-5 when u D#--------5-5--5-0-0-0-3-3--3--------5-------0-0--0-3-3--3-- feel like it During the final chorus, they do a funky thing again: G--------------------------------------------------- Repeat, do the D---------------------6----------------------------- turn whenever A--3-3------------------6-5-3-3--------------------- you feel like it D#------4-4--5-5--0-0------------4-4--5-5--0-------- Ok, there it is. The bass wasn't too hard, but I don't play guitar and I need it, so could someone do it and post? Chris - bu295@freenet.carleton.ca -- Chris Mallalieu (bu295@freenet.carleton.ca)