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 Apple Blossom de White Stripes

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Apple Blossom - White Stripes sur
"Apple Blossom" by the White Stripes Transcribed by Lisa M Woodhouse (Yes, by me, + not anyone else) I absolutely adore this song. It means so much to me. :) And not only is it wonderful but it's also a terribly easy song to play, as it only uses four chords: Am Dm Em G |e--0---1---0---3--| |B--1---3---0---3--| |G--2---2---0---0--| |D--2---0---2---0--| |A----------2---2--| |E--------------3--| The rhythm and strumming pattern are VERY easy to pick up if you listen to the song. The song goes; - intro - verse - verse - chorus - verse - middle bit (chords same as verse) - chorus - verse - end bit - end bit And the chords fit into it as; intro: Am Em verses: Am Em / Dm Am / Am Em / Em G Am / Am Em chorus: Dm Am / Em Am / Dm Am / Em end: Em G Am Sounds good enough to me. Hope you enjoy it... lmw