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 I Can Learn de White Stripes

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Title: I Can Learn Band: The White Stripes Album: White Blood Cells (2001) tabbed by scef (email: the only song on the album left to work out and by gum i've done it mwahahahahaha NB: this song has a time signature of 6/8 chords Em 022000 B5 x244xx A5 577xxx G5 355xxx Bb5 688xxx Asus2 x02200 intro - just strum away at Em on a clean electric Em B5 A5 I wish we were G5 A5 Bb5 B5 ---hit on the distortion! stuck up a tree Em B5 A5 ---back to clean tone Then we'd know G5 A5 Bb5 B5 ---hit distortion on again! that it's ni-cer be - low then there's this bit e-------|---------|-----| B-------|---------|-----| G-4-4-4-|---------|-2---| D-4-4-4-|---------|-2---| A-2-2-2-|-0h2-0---|-0---| E-2-2-2-|-------3-|-----| | | | ---riff A---->| then after the line "don't know any lullabys" the guitar returns to a clean tone and strums chords, except for distortion where indicated Asus2* ...don't know how... Em** but I can learn *each time you reach the 6th beat of every other bar whilst playing this chord, play a single note G on the 3rd fret of the 6th (lowest) string. if that makes little sense you can pick it up by listening to the track **when you first hit the above Em use distortion, then fade to a clean tone strumming, then put distortion back on and play riff A, then: see above / / Asus2* ...I saw lovers... B5 ---hit on the distortion! well now it's... then play this 3 times after the above B5 is played a few times: e---|-------------|-----| B---|-------------|-----| G-4-|-7-7-7-7-7---|-4---| D-4-|-7-7-7-7-7---|-4---| A-0-|-5-5-5-5-5-0-|-2---| E---|-------------|-----| then play riff A, then play this (a slight variation on riff A) e---------|-0---| B---------|-0---| G---------|-0---| D---------|-2---| A-0h2-0---|-2---| E-------3-|-0---| then guitarwise it's just a case of pretty much repeating the above, using more contrast in the changes between the clean tone and distortion (ie playing the clean tone parts more sparingly - strum less and softer). end on this riff another variation of riff A: e-------|-0---| B-------|-0---| G-------|-0---| D-------|-2---| A-2-0---|-2---| E-----3-|-0---| and that's the whole album available on ! mwahahahahahahaha!!!!! enjoy!