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 The Boy Who Warms Your Mothers Heart de White Stripes

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The Boy Who Warms Your Mothers Heart - White Stripes sur
song: I Want to Be The Boy Who Warms Your Mother's Heart album: Elephant artist: The White Stripes transcribed by: rennan b this is my own work. I think this sounds correct...Please send any criticisms, comments, etc to w/white_stripes/the_boy_who_warms_your_mothers_heart.crd ==================================================================== D C I Want ... Mother's Heart G D I'm so ... you away D C I tried ... from the start G D But something ... way D C We've been ... hours G D But she won't ... hi D C While my ... cake for you G F And even ... goodbye F G What kind of ... pull? G D What kind of ... now? F G I'm inclined ... school G A Just ... around etc.