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 Behind Blue Eyes de Who

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Behind Blue Eyes - Who sur Guitariff.net
From uunet!cis.ohio-state.edu!ucbvax!agate!ames!bionet!raven.alaska.edu!news.u.washington.edu!news Sun Jul 5 12:04:39 PDT 1992 Article: 525 of alt.guitar.tab Path: nevada.edu!uunet!cis.ohio-state.edu!ucbvax!agate!ames!bionet!raven.alaska.edu!news.u.washington.edu!news Newsgroups: alt.guitar.tab Keywords: TAB Message-ID: 1992Jul5.022721.18808@u.washington.edu> Sender: news@u.washington.edu (USENET News System) Organization: University of Washington Lines: 75 Okay, here's the promised TAB for the Who's "Behind Blue Eyes": Esus4 Em G D Ds4 D e---------------0-------------------0-------0---------3-------2---2-3--2--- B--T---------0---0--0-0----0---------0------0--------0-0-----3-----3-3--3-- G--A-----2----2---2--2----2-2------2--2-2--0---0----0---3-0-2---2-----2--2- D--B----2-(2)--2---2---2-2---2-2--2----2--2---2---0--------0---0-0--------0 A------2----------------2-----2--2---------------2------------------------- E-----0----------------------------------0---------3-----3----------------- "No one knows..." Cadd9 Asus2 Em G D Ds4 D e--------0-------0-------0-------0-------0--------3-------2-2--2^3--2---- B--T----3-3-----3-3-----0-0-----0-0-----0-0------0-0--------------3--3--- G--A---0---0-0-0---0-0-2---2-2-2---2-2-0---0^2--0---0-0-2-----2----2--2-2 D--B--------0-------0-------2-------2---------2--------0---0-0---------0- A-----3-------3-------0-------0------------------------------------------ E-------------------------------------0--------3-----3------------------- Cadd9 Asus2 e--------0-------0-----0----------0----- B--T----3-3-----3-0----0---0-----0-0---- G--A---0---0-0-0---0-0-2--2-2-2-2------- D--B--------0-------0--2-2---2-------2-2 A-----3-------3--------0-------0-------- E--------------------------------------- Now the arpeggio changes to strumming, the pattern of which I won't try to notate, due to my lack of skills in transcribing on computer. In the beginning each chord is just a quarter note followed by another, which is tied to a pair of eighth notes. There are quite a few changes in this pattern so I advise listening to the recording, which I assume is almost a given in using TAB, anyway. The chords are: Cadd9(x32030), D(xx0232), D/F#(2x0232) (Using the thumb for the base note is probably the easiest way, albeit classically improper way to form this chord.) G (320003), C/G(3x2013), D/A(x00232), E(0221000), A/E(0311xx), Bm(x24432), C(x32010), Dsus4(xx0233) and Asus2(x02200). Many of these are the same chords as were arpeggiated in the earlier sequence. The chord changes in this pattern go: Cadd9, D, D/F, G, C/G, G, Cadd9, D, D/A, E, A/E, E, Bm, C, D, A, D, Dsus4, D, Asus2. Again, listen to the recording, as some of these are strummed for several measures, while others are merely quick changes lasting a quarter note. Now, it returns to the arpeggiated sequence, with "No one knows what it's like, to feel these feelings. Skip the first couple bars of the intro and begin on the Em The pattern is nearly identical to the first time played, but note the changes between the arpeggiation each time the Dsus4 chord comes around. After playing the arpeggio a couple times go back to the chord strumming bit, and then to the break, which is in double time: hold bend|------|release bend e---------------------12----------------------------12-----12--------------- B--T-------12--12-12-----12---12-12---12-12-12--12--12-------12-----12-12-12 G--A-------11b----11b----11----9--9----9--9--9----9-11b\11---11b\11-----9--9 D--B------------------------11------11----------11------------------11------ A--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E-----12\-0----------------------------------------------------------------- e--------------------------- Now, the bridge with the guitar playing chords B--T----12-12-12------------in this order: E5, Bm, A, E, Bm, G, D, Bm, A, D, G--A-----9--9--9-----9------Bm, A, E, Bm, A, E5, B5, A5, E5, Bm, G, D, Bm, A, D--B--11----------11-9---9\-D, Bm, A, G, E5, Bm, A, E5, Bm, A, B, A, G, D, B, A---------------------------A, G, D, B, A, G, D, E and then into an arpeggio E--------------------------0of a B/A (x0444x), and then back to the main pattern to close. During the brige there is a second guitar playing the solo, which I promise to include tomorrow, I haven't time tonight. # LEWIS CAROLL 1832-1898 ## __________________________ # # | | He thought he saw an Elephant, # | David V. Wong | That practised on a fife: # | ihateuw@u.washington.edu | He looked again, and found it was # | University of Washington | A letter from his wife. ### | Seattle, USA | `At length I realize,' he said, #### |__________________________| `The bitterness of life!' ##