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 Sick Of Drugs de Wildhearts

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e: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 19:44:06 +0000 * SICK OF DRUGS * By the ever tasteful Wildhearts * Lifted from the album Fishing for Luckies (the new one) * Tabbed by Luke Hayward * Submitted 24/3/98 * (d.hayward@virgin.net) Right, here we have a cool song, but tune down half a step or it will sound very very very wrong. All notation is relative to the tuning and no responsibility can be taken for badly tuned guitars. ** Public Announcement Over ** "This is our new single, it's out on Monday. Buy it as an Easter present for someone... put us in the realms of the Bluetones and Pulp. We wanna be fucking pop stars!" - Ginger, Sound City 1996 INTRO RIFF |-------------------------| |----------10-------------| |-----9-----------9-------| |--7-----7-----7-----7--9-| |-------------------------| |-------------------------| NB: when playing this, lock yer first finger on the 7th fret and only fret the other strings when they need to be sounded. This is played 4 times and then a second guitar plays A, E, D barre chords over it in a clean(ish) tone. This is done twice before you let rip and riff the chords over the intro. Now the verses... A7 E7 Waking up with an 8.2 A7 When it seemed like the easiest thing to do D7 When someone said "here's one for you!" |-----------------------------------| |-----------------------------------| |-----------------------------------| |-----------------------------------| |------4--5--4----------------------| |---5--------------0--4--5--4-------| A7 E7 Mouth's so dried and I just spit ash A7 There's a hole in my pocket full of wasted cash D7 But it's all right, it was just back stash |-----------------------------------| |-----------------------------------| |-----------------------------------| |---------------------3--4--3-------| |------4--5--4-----4----------------| |---5-------------------------------| D7 C#7 D7 C#7 D7 C#7 D7 G#7 A7 A#7 (quick progression) "Jump inside", he said, I tried, B7 A#7 B7 A#7 B7 A#7 B7 "I never met a junkie that I didn't like", A7 Said he E7 And who am I to disagree? Chorus D7 A7 E7 A7 (Oh,) how can you stay when you're 60 million miles away? D7 A7 C#7 How can you fly when you're home free? D7 A7 E7 A7 And(/oh) how can you feel when your mind's made up like a will of steel? D7 A7 C#7 How can you deal in your dreams? C#m7 Bm7 A7 Sick of ecstasy // the rest of the song follows the chord sequences used above // it's a question of listening to the record (sic) Kicked in bad and you got too low To be down in a company you don't know Said "Come on in got a right good blow" Yeah, talking, talking the hole's clear Until a guy with a goatee on a touch of beer Which went round the room like diahorea Bored with this, I'm bored with that I'm stuck in bed alone with a-you know what Notice With your heart beating outta your chest Chorus Sick of LSD Chorus x2 Sick of (certain kinds of) drugs are we There you go!