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 Elevator Beat de Wilson Nancy

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Elevator Beat - Wilson Nancy sur Guitariff.net
this is the tab for "Elevator Beat" by Nancy Wilson. It can be found on the Vanilla Sky Soundtrack (great movie). -Im pretty sure its finger picked but i play it with a pick. -This is a nice mellow song that shouldnt be butchered. if you find any mistakes, please let me know. this is my first attempt at tabbing so there probably will be mistakes. enjoy. -here's the intro. just position your hand as if it were a chord e------------------- b-5----------------- g--------0---------- d----3-------------- a------------------- E-----------1------- -then it goes into this e---------------------------------- b--------------------------------5- g-5--7/8/9---9--7--5\2--4--5--7---- d---------------------------------- a---------------------------------- E---------------------------------- e---3---------3----------3---------3--------- b-1---1---------1------1---1---------1------- g-------------------------------------------- d--------3---------2-----------3--------5---- x2 a--------3---------3-----------3--------5---- E--------1---------1-----------1--------3---- e------------------ b------------5--8-- g-2/3--4--5-----5-- d------------------ a------------------ E------------------ -and these are the last 3 notes at the end e-3----------- b-------1----- g----2-------- d------------- a------------- E------------- tabbed by Brandon Auger 6.25.02 auger16@yahoo.com