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Denison Witmer Stations of joy and sorrow tabbed by steven white this tab is intended for people familiar with the song the basic chord progression of the song is C,Am,F,C,G for the verse and, Am,F,C,G for the chorus. the only catch is that denison doesn't play standard chords :), so i will tab out how he plays each chord. always hold the |e-3-| with the 4th finger and the |B-1-| with the first finger. your middle two fingers will move to change the chords C chord Am F G |e-3-| |e-3-| |e-3-| |e-3-| |B-1-| |B-1-| |B-1-| |B-0-| |G-0-| |G-2-| |G-2-| |G-0-| |D-2-| |D-2-| |D-3-| |D-0-| |A-3-| |A-0-| |A-x-| |A-2-| |E-x-| |E-x-| |E-x-| |E-3-| there is also a passing chord between the C and Am during the verses, grab the |A-2-| with 2nd finger PC |e-3-| |B-1-| |G-0-| |D-0-| |A-2-| |E-x-| he plays the chords with a flat-picking style where you pick the bass note of each chord and then strum the chord. thats all there is to it. oh yeah, capo to 3rd or 4th fret. i think he plays it on 4th. verse: C C PC Am F C G I'll be waiting on your train, when you come back to the western state chorus: G(from verse) Am F C G Will you promise me that you'll love like you love when you left the above crd is my work, seeing as there are no denison witmer tabs availible:) any comments or questions whitesjo@hotmail.com steve