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 Thorns de Wumpscutt

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Thorns - Wumpscutt sur Guitariff.net
Title: Thorns Artist: Wumpscutt Album: Bunker Gate 7 Tabbed by: Æon Flux skinfetish@hotmail.com> Although this song is predominately synth based, the classical guitar melody is the hook. The rhythm is tricky, you really need to know the song. Listen to it. You may want to bar the 9th fret. E|------------------------|------------9-10----9-----------|--------------| B|-------9-10-12-9-10-----|--9--10---12------12---10-12-9~-|---9----------| G|11---------------11-----|--11-11-------------------------|11----10------| D|------------------------|--------------------------------|-----------11~| A|9----------------9------|--------------------------------|--------------| E|------------------------|--------------------------------|--------------| [Repeat 4x] miami-goth4ever!