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 Friends Of Mine de Zombies

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Friends Of Mine - Zombies sur Guitariff.net
"Friends Of Mine" (Chris White) Intro: C Csus4 C Csus4 v v v v v v v v -----------------|----------------- -----1-1---------|-----1-1--------- ---0---0---------|---0---0--------- -2-----3---------|-2-----3--------- -3-----3---------|-3-----3--------- -----------------|----------------- Verse 1: C F When we're all in a crowd C E And you catch her eye Am /G F6 /G And then you both smile C Gsus4 G I feel so good inside And when I'm with her She talks about you The things that you say The things that you do Pre-chorus: F Am/E D7 It feels so good to know two people G G7 G in love, so in love... Chorus: C Cmaj7 They are friends of mine, they are friends of mine (Joyce and Terry Paul and Molly) Dm7 G And they've got something, it's so hard to find (Liz and Brian Joy and David) C Cmaj7 They are friends of mine, they are friends of mine (Kim and Maggie June and Duffy) Dm7 G [4: end cold] And they've got something you don't often find (Jean and Jim and Jim and Christine [4: ah!]) Verse 2: She takes your hand When the world stays outside That's something to see That's nothing to hide And when I feel bad When people disappoint me That's when I need you two To help me believe [repeat pre-chorus] [repeat chorus] Instrumental break [2X]: C F C E / / / / / / / / Am /G F /D C /A Gsus4 G / / / / / / / / [repeat pre-chorus] [repeat chorus] [repeat chorus (background vocals only); end cold as indicated] -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers