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 Back In Black de Ac-dc

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Back In Black - Ac-dc sur
The song sounds in F but I like better in E, if you want it in F just put a cappo on first fret. I don't understand the lirycs, so if you have them please post them or send to my count. BACK IN BLACK (AC DC) E D A (little lick) E D A A-G# A#-A B-A# C-B (one time, and two times singing) Chorus: (E) A E B A-B, A E B A-B, G D A G-A, G D A G-A A E B A-B, A E B A-B, G D D D E D A (lick) E D A A-G# A#-A B-A# C-B (two times singing) Chorus E D A E,E,E D A E A E A E (four times while guitar solo) Chorus riff in E (twice) riff in A riff in E Chorus E D A....and fade out. This basically how the song goes, I'll post the TAB later, when I had the lirycs, and correct me please. Joey Ray