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 Whole Lotta Rosie de Ac-dc

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Whole Lotta Rosie - Ac-dc sur
This is the monster of an intro riff that starts this great song. Riff 1 E[------------------------] Repeat with one bar beaks in between and then the same B[------------------------] with the vocals. G[-----5-----7-----5------] D[--7--5--7--7--7--5--7---] A[--7-----7-----7-----7---] E[------------------------] Wanna tell tou a story (Riff 1) 'Bout a woman I know (Riff 1) Ah come to loving (Riff 1) And she steals the show (Riff 1) She ain't exactly pretty (Riff 1) Ain't exactly small (Riff 1) Forty two, thirty nine, Fifty six, You could say she's got it all_____________________ Riff 2 THEN... E[-----------------------]-----------------------]-----------------------] B[-----------------------]-----------------------]-----------------------] G[-----5-----7-----5-----]--2--------2-----2--2--]--------------------2--] D[--7--5--7--7--7--5--7--]--2-----2--2-----2--2--]-----------0--------2--] A[--7-----7-----7-----7--]-----0--0--0--0--0--0--]--0--3--0-----0--3--0--] E[-----------------------]-----------------------]-----------------------] Above is the rhythm section repeated about 3 times on its own and then with the vocals which I can't be bothered to type out quite frankly! You're a whole lot-a wo-man THEN TO THE BRIDGE [----------------------]--1------1------1--] One bar rest AND CHORUS [----------------------]--1------1------1--] [--2--2----2-----------]--X------X------X--] [--2--2----2-----------]--3------3------3--] [--0--0----0-----------]--3------3------3--] [---------------0---X--]--1------1------1--] Whole lotta wo-man Whole lotta Ros-ie [----------------------] One [----------------3--] [--3------3------3-----] Bar [----------------3--] [--2------2------2-----] Rest [--2----------X--0--] [--0------0------0-----] [--2-------------0--] [----------------------] [--0----------------] [----------------------] [-------------------] Reapeat 'Rosie'section & on last repitition add [--3-------------3--]---------3--------] [--3------3------3--]--3------3--------] [--0------2------0--]--2------0--------] [--0------0------0--]--0------0--------] [-------------------]------------------] [--3------2------3--]--2------3-----4--] Then repeat rhythm section & continue through song.