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 The Thrill Is Gone de Bb King

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The Thrill Is Gone - Bb King sur
Artist: B.B. King Song: THE THRILL IS GONE Source: from the recording Deuces Wild This version was sung by B.B. King and Tracy Chapman on "Deuces Wild". B.B. King recorded THE THRILL IS GONE on approximately 8 recordings over his career. This list is found at the end of this song. Bm - 224432 G - 355433 G7 - 353433 F#7 - 242322 1. Bm Thrill is gone... G7 Bm G7 F#7 Bm 2. Bm Thrill is gone... G7 G7 F#7 Bm 3. Bm Thrill is gone... G7 Bm G7 F#7 Bm 4. Bm I'm free now baby... G7 Bm G7 F#7 Bm 5. Bm Thrill is gone... Bm Bm Bm Bm ******************************************************************** THE THRILL IS GONE by B.B. King can be found on these recordings: (1997) DEUCES WILD (1996) HOW BLUES CAN YOU GET (double CD) MCAD2 11443 KING OF THE BLUES (4 box set) (1992) WHY I SING THE BLUES - MCAD 20256 (1990) LIVE AT SAN QUENTIN - MCAD 6455 (1980) B.B. KING NOW APPEARING AT OLE MISS - MCA2-8016 THE BEST OF B.B. KING - ABCX 767 (1970) B.B. KING LIVE AT COOK COUNTY JAIL - ABCS 723 (1969) COMPLETLY WELL - BL 6037