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 Monster Mash de Bobby Pickett

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Somebody asked for Monster Mash a couple of weeks ago. Here 'tis courtesy of two of my fellow band members: --gary {t:Monster Mash} {st:Bobby "Boris" Pickett} {st: written in G, tape slightly flatter} (door creak; cauldron bubble; 4 bars drum intro) I was [G]working in the lab late one night When my [Em]eyes beheld an eerie sight For my [C]monster from the slab began to rise And [D]suddenly, to my surprise {soc} (He did the [G]mash) He did the Monster Mash (The Monster [Em]Mash) It was a graveyard smash (He did the [C]mash) It caught on in a flash (He did the [D]mash) He did the Monster Mash {eoc} From my [G]laboratory in the Castle East To the [Em]Master Bedroom where the vampires feast The [C]ghouls all came from their humble abode To [D]get a jolt from my electrode {soc} (And do the [G]mash) And do the Monster Mash (The monster [Em]mash) And do my graveyard smash (To do the [C]mash) They caught on in a flash (To do the [D]mash) To do the monster mash {eoc} The [G]scene was rocking all were digging the sound [Em]Igor on chains backed by His Baying Hounds The [C]Coffin Bangers were about to arrive With their [D]vocal group, the Crypt Kicker Five {c:Bridge} The [C]Zombies were having fun (In-a-shoop-wha-ooo) The [D]party had just begun (In-a-shoop-wha-ooo) The [C]guests included WolfMan (In-a-shoop-wha-oooSTOP) [D]Dracula and his son (Drum fill) [G]Out from his coffin Drac's voice did ring It [Em]seems he was worried 'bout just one thing [C]Opened the lid and shook his fist, and said [D]"Whatever hoppened to my Transylvania Tvist?" {soc} (It's now the [G]mash) It's now the Monster Mash (The monster [Em]mash) And it's a graveyard smash (It's now the [C]mash) It's caught on in a flash (It's now the [D]mash) It's now the Monster Mash {eoc} Now [G]everything's cool, Drac's a part of the band And my [Em]Monster Mash, it's the hit of the land For [C]you, the living, this Mash was meant, too When you [D]get to my door, tell them Boris sent you {soc} (And you can [G]Mash) And you can Monster Mash (The monster [Em]mash) And do my graveyard Smash (And you can [C]Mash) You'll catch on in a flash (Then you can [D]Mash) Then you can Monster Mash {eoc} (I - II - IV - V verse instr fade with Boris & Igor talkover) Igor: MMMM...Mash goooood! Mash goood! Boris: Down Igor, you impetuous young boy. Igor: Mash goooood, etc.