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 Jacks Lament de Danny Elfman

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Jacks Lament - Danny Elfman sur Guitariff.net
Words and music by danny elfman another from nighmare before christmas Great song. good luck memorizing it though. there are very many chords so i put them right before the part. chords used in song. A x02220 A7 x02020 Am6 5x455x Bb 113331 Bbm 113321 Bb7 x13131 Bm x24432 B7 x21202 C x32010 C7 x32310 Db x46664 Ebm xx1342 E 022100 Em 022000 Em6 022020 F 133211 F+ xx3221 Gb 244322 Gm 355333 Gm9b5 xx5665 Eb dim7 xx1212 C#dim7 xx2323 Fdim xx3434 Ab dim xx4545 _____________________________ chords used in next 2 measures. Bbm 113321 F+ xx3221 Db x46664 Gm9b5 xx5665 Gb 244322 F 133211 Ebm xx1342 4/4 Bbm F+ Db Gm9b5 There are few de-ny do best Gb F Ebm Ebm tal re-nowned Wide C x32010 C#dim7 xx2323 C7 x32310 F7 131211 C C#dim7 C Ebm when it comes sur-pries-es moon night C7 C7 F7 F7 ex-cel ever Try-ing Bb7 x13131 Fdim xx3434 E 022100 Ebm Bb7 Ebm Fdim with the Slightest effort ghost Charms Ebm Ebm E E i have seen Men Shriek Ab dim xx4545 Ab dim Ebm Bb7 Ebm with the Wave Hand well moan Ebm Bb7 Ebm Ebm I have swept Brav-est feet Bm x24432 Eb dim7 xx1212 Bb 113331 Bb7 Cbm E Eb dim7 Yet year year same rou-tine Bb Bb Eb dim7 Bb7 and i grow weary sound screams B7 x21202 Eb dim7 Ebm No chord And I Jack pumpkin king B7 Bb7 Eb dim7 Bb Have grown tierd same Thing Gm 355333 A7 x02020 Em 022000 Am6 5x455x -sounds better/easyer-> x02212 chorus 3/4 waltz Eb dim7 Gm A7 Em Oh Some Deep in-side Bones Am6 Em Am6 Em An Emp- ti- ness be-gan grow A x02220 Em6 022020 Eb dim7 Gm A Em there's Some out Far home Am6 Em6 B7 Em6 A long-ing that nev-er Known transcribed by matthew voggas thats the first half of the song. if you want the rest (which is the best) email me!