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 Smoke On The Water Intro de Deep Purple

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Smoke On The Water Intro - Deep Purple sur
Intro: Smoke on the Water (Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord, Paice) Artist: Deep Purple Album: Machine Head Release date: March, 1972 Running time: 6:18 Transcribed by: Ted Parshall If you have any comments or suggestions please contact me at [email protected] This is the intro to Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple, I picked it up myself so I don't know or am not sure if it is accurate or not. I'm sure you can produce various sound changes by moving it up and down the bars. It's a fairly, actually really simple intro. I'm not really sure about the spacing either. Here it is... e|-------------|---------------|-------------|------------- B|-------------|---------------|-------------|------------- G|---0---3---5-|---0---3---6-5-|---0---3---5-|---3--0-0---- D|---0---3---5-|---0---3---6-5-|---0---3---5-|---3--0-0---- A|-------------|---------------|-------------|------------- E|-------------|---------------|-------------|------------- let ring That's it, like I said before I'm not sure if it's accurate, and again like I said before, contact me ([email protected]) if you have comments and suggestions. Thanx