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 Sex & Violence de Exploited

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Sex & Violence - Exploited sur Guitariff.net
-## =========================================================================================== SEX AND VIOLENCE The Exploited from the album "Punks Not Dead" "PUNK'S NOT DEAD ?" the cynic laughed, and how they choked on their hysterical false laughter as the new wave of real Punk smashed into their faces. By late 1979/ early 1980 the trendy Art students their ilk were tired of their fashion as they moved from Punk onto the New Romantics craze. For some though punk had always been more than just a fashion and style, it had been a way of life, a way of changing a decrepit music scene, so much for "Punk is Dead"... wishful thinking maybe ? The Exploited, more than any other band typified punk of the time, and confirmed and gelled toghether the strands of punk in the early 80's, hence why many people view this album as THE punk album and if not, only second to the Sex Pistols "Never Mind The Bollocks". The album sold over 150000 copies... Punk is Dead... are you sure mate ?? On it's initial release amid the trendy scoffing the album did actually receive a five star revieq from Sound's Gary Bushell, and a healthy spell in the indie charts, as well as making NO.20 in the UK album chart. Today this album is still relevant as it was when it was released, if not more so, and has earned The Exploited a place in rock and punk history, like it or not, but nevertheless true. This album and The Exploited will be more important in ten years than any fo their now so called 'trendy-indie' peers... take my word on it chum... Punk is Dead ? ... Only time will tell !!! [ Gary Fielding "Beat Of The Street" Magazine ] The Exploited are: Wattie - lead vocals Big John - guitar and vocals Gary - bass and vocals Dru Stix - drums and vocals Carol and Navi - backing vocals Turn your overdrive on... here we go... Really easy, too easy, I should never have posted this... It's all (intro, verse, chorus): RE DO SOL Or if you prefer: D C G