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 Iris de Goo Goo Dolls

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Iris - Goo Goo Dolls sur
I FIGURED THIS OUT MY SELF THEN I READ THE SHEET MUSIC FOR THIS SONG AND THIS IS HOW IT IS REALY PLAYED THIS ARRANGMENT IS BEST FOR A SOLO GUITAR AND VOCALIST TINING:D-A-D-D-A-D BM:X20050 D5:000000 D5/F#:400000 BM9:X20040 D5/E:200000 GMAJ7:554000 D5/A:X00000 G9:555000 BM7:X20000 G9(II):550000 A4/C#:X40000 INTRO: BM-BM9-G9-GMAJ7-G9(II) X2 VERSE 1: D5 D5/E G9(II) AND I'd give up forever to touch you BM7 D5/A G9(II) cause i know that you feel me somehow d5 d5/e g9(II) you're the closest to heaven that i'll ever be bm7 d5/a g9(II) and i don't wanna go home right now d5 d5/e G9(II) all i can taste is this moment Bm7 D5/A G9(II) AND ALL I CAN BREATH IS YOU'RE LIFE D5 D5/E G9(II) sooner or later it's over bm7 d5/a g9(II) I just don't wanna miss you tonight chorus: bm7 d5 g9(II) and I dont want the world to see me bm7 d5 g9(II) cause I don't think that they'd understand bm7 d5 g9(II) when everythings made to be broken bm7 d5 g9(II) I just wnt you to know who I am verse 2: d5 d5/e g9(II) and you can't fight the tears that ain't comming bm7 d5/a g9(II) or the moment of truth in you're lies d5 d5/e 9(II) when everything feels like the movies bm7 d5/a g9(II) yeah you bleed just to know you're alive repeat chorus instramental Bm7-A4/C#-D5-Bm7-D5-G9(II)-Gmaj7 x2 interlude (use short quike down strokes) Bm-Bm9-Bm-G9(II)-Gmaj7 x4 Bm7 D5 G9(II) I just wnt you to know who aI am x3 that is pretty mutch it if you are confused e-mail me at [email protected]