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 After Midnight de Jj Cale

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Received: from eik.ii.uib.no (eik.ii.uib.no []) by post-office.nevada.edu (8.6.4/8.6.4) with SMTP id EAA11378 for [email protected]>; Mon, 28 Feb 1994 04:29:37 -0800 Received: from brems.ii.uib.no by eik.ii.uib.no with SMTP id AA06882 (5.67b8/IDA-1.5 for [email protected]>); Mon, 28 Feb 1994 13:29:34 +0100 From: Fredrik Koller Lund [email protected]> Date: Mon, 28 Feb 94 13:32:22 +0100 Message-Id: [email protected]> To: [email protected] Subject: JJ CALE J.J.J. Cale's music: AFTER MIDNIGHT from "Naturally" (1st album): Key: D INTRO: h h ----------------------------------------- -------3--------------------3------------ -------2----4---4-----------2----4---4--- -------4----5-7-5-----------4----5-7-5--- --5---------5---5------5---------5---5--- ----------------------------------------- This riff is played twice, and then J.J. starts singing: D ---------------------------------| ----3-----3-----------3--3-----3-| ----2-----2-----------2--2-----2-| ----4-----4-----------4--4-----4-| ----5-----5-----------5--5-----5-| ---------------------------------| Af - ter mid-night Riff 2 F G D (play riff2 twice) ---1----1---1------3---------3---3--------|------------------- ---1----1---1------3---------3---3--------|----1----1---0----- ---2----2---2------4---------4---4--------|----2----2---0--2-- ------------------------------------------|-0-----0---0------4 ------------------------------------------|------------------- ------------------------------------------|------------------- we're gon-na let it all___ hang out gon-na shake your tam - bour - ine D F G ------------------------------|-1-----1--1------3--------3--3- ----3----3---------3--3----3--|-1-----1--1------3--------3--3- ----2----2---------2--2----2--|-2-----2--2------4--------4--4- ----4----4---------4--4----4--|------------------------------- ----5----5---------5--5----5--|------------------------------- ------------------------------|------------------------------- Af-ter mid)night we're gon-na chug-a-lug & it's gon-na be peaches and (In the following, strike chords only at the chord letters. 2nd verse coincides with 1st wherever only one line is typed) * D (repeat riff twice) | D D D-D D | | | shout we're gon-na |cause talk and suspicion | cream | | F F F-F F | G G G-G G | | | give an ex-hi-bi-tion |find out what it is all a-| ** A A A-A A-A | D D D-D D | | | bout. | Af-ter mid- night, | F F - F G G-G | D (riff2 twice)| | | we're gon - na let it all___ hang| out. | D D D-D D| (1. Return to F on line 3) | (2. solo starts) Af-ter mid - night | The solo is fairly basic and follows the progression of the verse (2 times). I'm not typing it in, 'cause you should be able to get it off the record. If not: improvise! OUTRO: N.C |(Return to '*', repeat & fade part after '**') | We're gon-na | I hope this helps you master this tune, and remind you that if you should ever come across any of J.J.'s stuff: POST IT!! Phew!!! I only have these tunes written in music (notes), and the converting to TAB is bugging me although I know some of it by heart. In the following I only give you the chord structure. I just don't have the time to do everything... If you really have trouble figuring out some parts: listen to the records. If that doesn't help: Send me a line and I'll try to help. Cajuun Moon From "Okie" 3rd album. Recorded in Ebminor Arranged in Dminor Intro: Dm G Dm A7 G m G Dm Cajun moon_ where does your power lie_? as you move_ across G Dm A7 the southern sky.__ You took my baby way too soon. What have G Dm you done_ Cajun moon?_ (Same structure thruout song, fade on 6th verse ending.) 2. Someday baby, when you want your man And find him gone, just like the wind Don't trouble your mind, whatever you do, 'Cause Cajun moon took him from you. 3. Repeat verse 1 4. When daylight fades, and night comes on, You can hear the silence of this song, Don't trouble your mind, whatever you do, 'Cause he got me like he got you. 5. Repeat verse 1 6. Repeat verse 1 Here's one of my favorite laid back tunes: MAGNOLIA From "Naturally" 1st album.. Key C Slowly {Define Fmaj7 133210, Cmaj7 332000} Fmaj7 | Cmaj7 | Fmaj7 | Cmaj7 1. Whip poor will'| sing - ing | soft sum-mer| breeze Fmaj7 | Cmaj7 | Fmaj7 | makes me think of my| bay - by I | left down in New Or -| Cmaj7 | Fmaj7 | Cmaj7 leans. | I left down in New Or-| leans (2nd verse follows same progression) 2. Magnolia, you sweet thing you're driving me mad Got to get back to you baby You're the best I ever had. You're the best I ever had. Am | G | Am | G You whisper, "Good | morning", | so gently in my |ear Am | G | Fmaj7 | Cmaj7 I'm coming home to | you babe.| I'll soon be |there. Fmaj7 | Cmaj7 | (Solo: Am7 G Am G Am G I'll soon be |there. | Fmaj7 Cmaj7 Fmaj7) Then: (Repeat 2nd verse.) Ending: (Repeat and fade) Fmaj7 | C You're the best I ever had___| DON'T GO TO STRANGERS From "Naturally" 1st album. Recorded in A Arranged in Bb I used to have the tab for this masterpiece, but I seem to have misplaced it. Anyway, I know the intro by heart, and the rest of the song is basically spun ar ound the same theme. INTRO: optional Gm Bb C Gm (turnaround) E-----------------|--------------------|---------------------|---------| H-----------------|------------------1-|-1------1------------|--1------| G---0---0-------0-|--3---3-------3---0-|-0---3--0--3---0--0--|--0--3---| D---0---0-------0-|--3---3-------3-----|-----3-----3---0--0--|-----3---| A-----------------|----------1---------|---------------------|---------| E-----------3-----|--------------------|---------------------|---------| Gm Bb D C E-----------------|--------------------|--------------------- H-----------------|------------------3-|-3-----1---3--------- G---0---0-------0-|--3---3-------3---2-|-2-----0---2--------- D---0---0-------0-|--3---3-------3-----|--------------------- A-----------------|----------1---------|--------------------- E-----------3-----|--------------------|--------------------- (Then there's a solo part over the same theme.) (If any of you have trouble figuring this one out: Send me a mail and I'll try to help!) (Song starts:) Gm Bb C Gm If Im standing in a crowd ___ call my name, ___ call it loud. Gm Bb D7 Don't go to strang-ers, woman,____ call on me. Gm Bb C G Wave your arm in the air,___ let me know____ that you're there D7 G When in doubt,____ oh, woman, call on me (Main solo part starts. Progression: G Bb C G G Bb D7 Gm Bb C Gm D7 Gm) C G Don't leave me here to rust.____ Don't let me turn to dust._ D7 Oh, wom-an, when in doubt,____ call on me.____ G Bb C G If I'm stand-ing in a crowd,_____ call my name,___ call it loud.__ D7 G Don't go to stran-gers wom-an, call on me.____ (Outro: Repeat & fade) G Bb C G E------------------|-------------------|-----------------|--------------| H------------------|-------------------|----1---1--1---1-|--------------| G-----0---0--0---0-|-----3---3--3---3--|----0---0--0---0-|----0--0-0----| D-----0---0--0---0-|-----3---3--3---3--|-----------------|----0--0-0--0-| A------------------|--1----------------|-3---------------|--------------| E--3---------------|-------------------|-----------------|-3------------| I hope you enjoy it, but remember: If you want to play along with the recorded version you'll have to rearrange it in A Fredrik Koller Lund, Institute of Applied Mathematics University of Bergen, Norway. Disclaimer: This was posted from, not by the university of Bergen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- "Live fast, die young, leave clean underwear: (B Willis) "A vie est dure sans friture" (je ne sais qui) "Save the whales... for dinner! (unknown norwegian patriot) "Whales: Intelligent food for intelligent people!" (---"---) -----------------------------------------------------------------------