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I declare that this is my own work Song: Love Story Movie: OST Love Story Written by: Francis Lai Tabbed by: Shiroy Choksey, Pune, India. ([email protected]) Comment : One of THE greatest love songs in the world. You must watch the movie. Am E7 1. Where do I begin , ... of how great ... be, Am The sweet ... is older ... sea, F7 E7 The simple ... the love ... me? Am Where do I start ? 2. With her first... made the living fine... A Dm G7 Bridge: She ... heart, ... heart with very special things, C7 F With angel songs, with wild imaginings, E7 Am Dm She fills my soul with so much love that anywhere I go, G C I^�m never lonely, With her along, F who could be lonely ? B7 E7 I reach for her hand. It^�s always there... 3. How long does it last...and she'll be there. -- "Love means never having to say you're sorry." _________________________________________________________________