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 Stay Together For The Kids de Blink 182

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Stay Together For The Kids - Blink 182 sur
STAY TOGETHER FOR THE KIDS Blink 182 TABBED BY BLINKED BY THE DARKNESS INTRO e|-----------------|-----------------|----------------|-----------------| B|-----------------|-----------------|----------------|-----------------| G|-----------------|-----------------|----------------|-----------------| D|---0---7---0-4-0-|---0---7---0-4-0-|---0---4---5-0--|---0---2-5-4-2-0-| A|-5---5---5-------|-4---4---4-------|-2---2---2------|-0---0-----------| E|-----------------|-----------------|----------------|-----------------| VERSE ( D ) ( B ) e|-----------------------|-----------------------| B|-----------------------|-----------------------| G|-----7----7-----7----7-|-----7----7-----7----7-| D|-----7----7-----7----7-|-----7----7-----7----7-| A|-5-5----5---5-5----5---|-----------------------| E|-----------------------|-7-7----7---7-7----7---| ( A ) e|-----------------------|-------------------------| B|-----------------------|-------------------------| G|-----7----7-----7----7-|-----9-----9-----6-----7-| D|-----7----7-----7----7-|-----7-----7-----7-----7-| A|-0-0----0---0-0----0---|-0-0---0-0---0-0---0-0---| E|-----------------------|-------------------------| CHORUS ( G ) ( F#) E|---------------| B|---------------| G|---------------| D|--5555---5555--| A|--5555---5555--| E|--3333-0-2222--| BRIDGE D D D E e|--------------| B|--------------| G|--7--7--7--9--| D|--7--7--7--9--| A|--5--5--5--7--| E|--------------| INTRO (X2) VERSE D It's hard to wake up B When the shades have been pulled shut A This house is haunted It's so pathetic It makes no sense at all. D I'm ripe whit things to say B The words rot and fall away A What stupid poem could fix this home I'd read it every day CHORUS G G here's your holiday F# Hope you enjoy it this time G You gave it all away F# It was mine G G when you're dead and gone F# Will you remember this night, G F# twenty years were It's not right INTRO (x2) VERSE D Their anger hurts my ears B Been running strong for seven years A Rather than fix the problem,they never solve them it make no sense at all B I see them every day B We get along,so why can't they? A If this is what he wants and this is what she wants Then why is there so much pain? CHORUS BRIDGE CHORUS Hope u enjoy 4 this tab!!!24h. were lost it's not right!!!;) Blink 4ever and ever!!!