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 Clampdown de Clash

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Clampdown - Clash sur
intro: in open chords Amaj7 l: A Amaj7 A/F# A/E :l the added F# and E are played on the low E string with a muted A string D E A what are we gonna do now? A D G A D A taking off his turban they say is this man a Jew working for the clampdown D G A they put a poster saying "We earn more than you" we"re working for the D A clampdown D G D A we will teach our twisted speech to the young believers D G D A we will train our blue eyed men to be young believers A D G A The judge said five to ten but I said double it again I'm not working for D A (A-G-A) the clampdown A D G A D A No man born with a living soul can be working for the clampdown D G D A Kick over the wall 'cause governments gonna fall How can we refuse it? D G D A Let fury have to hour, anger can be power if you know it you can use it A G# F# E E E/G# A the voices in your head are calling stop wasting your time , theres nothing coming E E/G# A only a fool can think someone can save you E E/G# A the men in the factry are old and cunning you don't own nothing boy get E E/G# A E runnin' its the best years of your life they want to steal A D G A D A (A-G-A) But you grow up and you clam down, Working for the clampdown A D G A D A You start wearing Blue and Brown and working for the clampdown D G D A G you got someone to boss around make you feel big now D G D A You drift until you brutilize you made your first kill now A D G A D A In these days of evil presidentes working for the clampdown A D G A D A But lately one or two has fully paid thier due working for the clampdown l: G D A :l l: Ha longy long Working for the Clampdown :l F# (bar) D A ( slide to B then to G) Yeah working hard in Hairrisburg F# D A ( A slide to D) yeah working hard in Petersburg G D A Working for the Clampdown various a sundry words that fade out all with the background of l: F# D A:l l: G D A:l Its up to you to finish the song with a little more "Piss" then is on the album Tra-la