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 Hateful de Clash

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Hateful - Clash sur
Hateful (Jones/Strummer) C Well, I got a friend who's a man (who's a man?) D What man? The man who keeps me from the lonely the only C He gives me what I need (What you need?) G What ya got? I need it all so badly Chorus C C/B Am Oh, anything I want C C/B Am He gives it to me C C/B Am C C/B Anything I want he gives it Am C But, not for free, it's hateful E7sus4/B and it's paid for Am G A Bb B And I'm so grateful to be nowhere This year I've lost some friends (some friends?) What friends? I dunno I ain't even noticed You see, I gotta go out again My friend, i gotta see the main man Chorus I killed all my nerves What swerves? I can't drive so steady (and already) I've lost my memory (What mind?) Behind, I can't see so clearly. Chorus: add C C/B Am C C/B Am C Anything I want, anything I want "get off the fucking stage"-Mick Jones in Rude Boy