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 Jimmy Jazz de Clash

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Jimmy Jazz - Clash sur
Song: Jimmie Jazz Band: The Clash Album: London Calling (1979) Written by The Clash Transcribed by Luke Knox ( Well, here it is. I looked everywhere for the tabs for this song, and have only found the bass tab. So, here's my version. The solo sounds good to me, but by all means, let me know if you have a better way of playing this song. Chords: E--0----0----2-----2--- B--2----0----2-----3--- G--2----1----2-----2--- D--2----2----4-----0--- A--0----2----4--------- E------------2--------- A E F#m D The chord progression throughout the whole song is this: (all these chords are strummed 3x) A F#m A D A E (these are each strummed once) A D A E A F#m The police walked in... A D A E A D A E A F#m Sattamassagana... A D A E A D A E A F#m G if you're gonna... A D A E A D A E A F#m Don't you bother... A D A E A D A E A F#m A D J-a-zee zee... A E A D A E A And then it sucks... A F#m A D A E A D A E A Solo: E----------------------------------------------5s0-------- B-----------------2---2-------2-2-2-2h0---5b-5-----3-1---- G------2///14-2-2---2-------2-----------2---------------2- D-2s4-------------------2s4------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------- E-----------------------------0-2-5-9-12-9-12-9s7-9-7-5---- B-1-3-5-3-1----------------1b2----------------------------- G----------------2-2-----2--------------------------------- D------------2s4-----2s4----------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------- There's another riff played after the solo, but it's pretty much the same type of scale thingy. I hope this makes some sense to you. The Clash rule!