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 London Calling de Clash

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London Calling - Clash sur
         Hi, here's the bass tab for London Calling by the Clash.                 The Clash - "London Calling" Bass Tab         by Kirk Williams corrected by Jacopo Borri Roselli     The previous version it's simply wrong (the intro seems right).  Don't know if my tab is correct but of course it sounds better!         Intro     G--------------------     D---------7----------     A--1/7-676--1/7-676--     E------------------3-         Verse         G-----------------------------------     D------------77---------------------     A-0h77-0h676----0h676-----0h676-----     E----------------------33--------33-             "The ice-age is coming" part         G---------------------------     D---------------------------      three times     A-0h7-7-7-9-10-10-10-9------     E---------------------------         and then          G-----------------------------      'Cause London is drowning     D-----------------------------      and I^Ålive by the river     A-7-7-7-7---------------------     E --------10-9-8-6-10-9-8-6---                            For Any comments or correction           ...Follow the bass line...