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 Down To The Waterline de Dire Straits

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Down To The Waterline - Dire Straits sur
-## From URBAN JOSEP DESOUZA Jul 21 '94 at 11:27 pm -240 Return-Path:> ----------------------------- DOWN TO THE WATERLINE BY DIRE STRAITS ----------------------------- Key Bm: G / Bm / G / Bm Bm F#m A E7 Bm Sweet surrender on the quay side Bm F#m A E7 Bm You remember we used to run and hide Bm F#m In the shadows of cargoes, I take you on time, A (D)-E Counting all the numbers Bm Down to the waterline Near misses on the dogleap stairways French kisses in the darkened doorways Foghorn blowing out wild and cold A policeman shines a light upon my shoulder Lead 1 G / Bm / G / A / Bm Up comes a coaster, fast and silent through the night Over my shoulder, all you can see are pilot lights No money in our jackets and jeans are torn Your hands are cold but your lips are warm G / Bm / G / A - solo: E / C#m / C G / C (?) D / A F# / G / A / Bm she can see you in the jetty where you used to go she can see you in the places where the sailors go when she's walking down the river on the railway line she can still hear you whisper Lets go down to the water line come on. G / Bm / G / A / Bm / G / A / Bm-#9-9 end|| ------------------------------------------------- contributed by Urban J. De Souza improvements?